Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Goals

Here I am at the beginning of another year with pretty much the same goals that I have every year. Well 2012 is the year I plan on completing them!

I have lots of great ideas and plans, but lack follow-through and motivation. I am hoping that this blog can be help me organize and complete my objectives.

Here my list of endeavors

1. Blog here at least 3 times per week.

2. Read at least 1 non-text book a month just for fun and review it here.

3. Try and review atleast 1 new product a week.

1. Complete my MSN-Education in August 2012.

2. Obtain Low Risk Neonatal Certification by December of 2012.

1. Lose those last 10lbs to achieve a "normal BMI" by June and then maintain within 3 lbs of my goal weight.

2.Try at least 1 new activity a week until I can find a workout routine that I can maintain with a goal of a minimum of 3 workouts per week.

3. Try or develop one new recipe a week and review it here.

1. Reduce the amount I dine out- currently almost every meal to no more than twice a week (baring vacation and celebrations)

2. Stop using my badge in the cafeteria and pack my lunch, who needs that crap anyway?

1. Work on the 50 state quest by traveling to at least 10 states in 2012.

2. Vegas Vowel Renewal in August.

Now that I have put them out to the universe, I have to follow through!

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