Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crazy Weather

Weather is one of the "joys" of living in the Midwest. On this lovely January morning, I was awakened by a nice thunderstorm. The temperature has been dropping all day and now we are going to bed with snow and ice on the ground. The joke around here is, don't like the weather stick around a few minutes and it will change. Today it just went from bad to worse. How many days til spring?

I have been craving lobster rolls (pictured below) from The Lobster House in Cape May. I picked up some lobster and decided to attempt to recreate them. I checked out a few recipes on and did some substituting. I chopped up the lobster, substituted water chestnuts for celery (which I hate), substituted a packet of True Lime for lemon juice, and added cracked pepper. It turned out pretty good, we had it on a sourdough baguette. Next time I am going to make my own mayo- I need to do something with that vitamix I never use.

Speaking of travels, we just returned from a recent road trip, so I thought I would share a few pictures. We are not at state 27 our of 50!!!

The first picture is Grinder's Switch Wines (TN). I bought a bottle of the Blondie for my BFF and then a bottle of the Zephyr (the engine where Casey Jones so famously died with one hand on the horn and the other on the brake) to put away for a few months.

Then it was off to Memphis. Beale street was a lot of fun and we enjoyed our stay at The Peabody Hotel. We had dinner at BB Kings, while the music was awesome, the BBQ not so much. Below is the famous duck march. I had already been to Graceland so we skipped it this time.

Then it was off to Little Rock. We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast- The Empress of Little Rock. We had some awesome BBQ at Whole Hog Cafe. We were a little scared when we pulled up and I joked that they had probably purchased their trophies. Here is a picture of us at the Bill Clinton Library. I was a little upset to learn this was not the kind of library I thought it would be. I wanted to steal a book!

One of my favorite stops of the trip was The Old Mill, just outside Little Rock. It is the last standing structure from Gone With The Wind, which I have recently fallen in love with. No wonder that movie is a classic. The mill can be seen in the opening credits.

Next time, I will share more on the road trip and my other culinary adventure of the day.

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