Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here I go blogging...

About me:

My name is Brittany. I live in Indiana. It has it ups and downs- right now it is winter, so I am scheming to relocate somewhere tropical. I love my family and you can't really beat the cost of living here, so moving is probably out of the question.

I am married to probably the only person who could put up with me, Jeremy. We are childless by choice, much to chargrin of many others.

I live to travel and work only to finance it. I can only function when I have the next trip in at least the planning stage. I pay for my travel habit by being nurse. I will always be regretful that I did not push myself out of my comfort zone to do travel nursing. I am hoping someday my husband will do something where he can work from home and we can move around the country together.

I love my Maltese, Preston, but have quite a love/hate relationship with my husband's bad little dog- Lilly. He says we don't get along because we are too much alike.

I am slightly princessy, a disorganized mess, and usually have to learn things the hard way. Follow along on my adventures in leaning to cook, organize, travel, wine and God knows what else.

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